The Credit Optimization Program

Makes full use of Federal Consumer Protection laws to help you get the credit you deserve. Millions of people are wrongfully suffering poor credit! We can help you remove any credit tradelines that are inaccurate, unverifiable, obsolete, or incomplete.

These tradelines include

collections, chargeoffs, late payments, tax liens, public records, and even foreclosures. We advocate for you to help ensure that your credit report is:



Every account on your credit report includes over 20 details must be 100% accurate according to Federal law. We check each detail for you on all of your accounts.



The company reporting your data must provide proper documentation, or the account must be deleted. We demand verification or deletion on your behalf.



Federal law provides you Consumer Rights, which creditors and collection agencies often ignore. We investigate for noncompliance to get such accounts deleted.

Are Credit Problems Holding You Back?

Bad credit restricts your financial freedom and your ability to provide for yourself and your family.

We attack the credit issues holding you back! You don’t have to feel trapped by poor credit and low credit scores any longer. We’ll pursue every potential inaccuracy to get you the credit you lawfully deserve and free you from the Bad Credit Trap.

In fact, credit problems can interfere with your ability to:

  • Buy or Rent a Home,
  • Get financing for a Vehicle,
  • Apply for a Job,
  • Get new Loans or Credit Cards,
  • Afford Utilities like cell phones, water, or power,
  • Qualify for affordable Interest Rates,
  • And much more…

Get the Credit You Deserve Today

Our Credit Repair Services make full use of the Federal Consumer Protection laws to help you improve your credit scores. We write careful, powerful disputes on your behalf and deal directly with the credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion — collection agencies, and your creditors.

The body of law that we rely on to help you improve your credit includes:

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA):

The FCRA protects your rights to a 100% accurate and verifiable credit report. It also provides you the ability to dispute any questionable accounts and demand the removal of any unverifiable items.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA):

The FDCPA governs all collection agencies and requires them to take certain steps in order to report a collection. If they fail or refuse to comply, the FDCPA lets you demand the removal of any offending collections.

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA):

The FCBA provides you the right to demand all documentation for credit cards, retail credit accounts, and all such revolving debt. When a creditor fails to comply with the FCBA, that provides you leverage to demand removal of their accounts.

While these laws are designed to protect consumers like you, they are complex and violations are easy to miss for busy, everyday people. Putting your rights to full use against giant corporations can be complicated, frustrating, and intimidating.

Optimum is here to help you fulfill your rights and get the credit you deserve! Put our specialized knowledge of these Federal laws and our experience with the credit dispute process to your advantage. Contact us today!

Our process for Repairing your Credit is tested, proven, and straightforward:


1. Credit Audit

We start with auditing your credit report to identify any errors or questionable items. We’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of the negative items that are impacting your credit scores and form a Plan of Action with you, including steps you can take to rebuild and boost your credit during our Credit Repair process.


2. Credit Disputes

We’ll create custom disputes for the negative accounts and information we identified in the credit audit. Our dispute process includes using our expertise and experience to trigger the correct dispute codes in the credit bureaus’ automated computer systems and flag errors and violations to be removed or corrected.


3. Dispute Responses

The credit bureaus have 30-45 days to respond upon receipt of your disputes, If they do not, we’ll send follow-up letters demanding they comply to the law and respond. Once we receive their responses, we will update you via our online customer portal so you can see the results.


4. Escalation

Some errors and violations are likely to remain after the first round of disputes, usually due to the credit bureaus’ automated system, We handle this with an efficient, systematic approach to escalating the dispute process, including creditor-direct disputes, complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and even Attorney legal actions.

About Us

With many years in the real estate and mortgage industry Raquel realized there was a great need for credit clean up. Many of her clients didn’t even know what was on their credit report. Raquel made this a vital part of the homeownership process.

Auditing the credit report was the very first step even if the client was approved with its status; it wasn’t good enough to get the most favorable interest rate and terms. Credit clean up offers consumers more buying power, endless options on payment terms and credit savviness. We believe the credit bureaus should be held accountable for the data they furnish. The entire process of credit reporting should be transparent and auditable. Our number one goal is to use the laws governing credit reporting to be just
and accountable to the consumer.

Credit Optimization was incredibly attentative to my needs. Their focus on customer service and meeting our needs througout the entire process was refreshing.

We got GREAT results and EVEN BETTER Support throughout the entire process!

Michael K

Seattle, WA

Our Services are Designed to Fit Your Needs to Optimize Your Credit.

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